Spread Kindness, Spread Joy

Kindness is contagious. While all of us are feeling the effects of the Coronavirus, we want to highlight the joy people are bringing to others.

We’ve created the aQuellé kindness map to track the many acts of kindness all around South Africa.

Join us to spread even more kindness… phone a family member, tell someone they’re loved, surprise your neighbour with homemade bakes, help an older person, or give essentials to those who need them.

Launched in June 2020, the interactive digital map helped to keep tabs on national acts of kindness towards those impacted by the pandemic and lockdown. It will offer inspiration and joy by showcasing the good being done by ordinary people and organisations across the country. Initiated by leading water manufacturer aQuellé, the aQuellé Kindness Map serves as a reassuring counter to the Department of Health’s daily Covid-19 map which captures the latest disease statistics.
Based on data uploaded by ordinary South Africans, the kindness map reflects selfless acts taking place across villages, towns, and suburbs. Inspirational stories, complete with photographs and video, create a real-time snapshot of the outreach gestures – big and small – taking place every day.
There is no limit or criteria for participation; every act of kindness – from phoning a family member or donating books to a children’s home, to buying food vouchers for someone needy or cooking a meal for an elderly neighbour – should be championed.
Together we can spread even more kindness and joy!