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Our Story

In 1997 a uniquely wholesome brand of water was born. After testing a natural water source buried in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal and finding it was too good not to share, the water was bottled and branded “aQuellé”. aQuellé is a hybrid of the Latin word ‘aqua’, meaning water and the German word ‘Quelle’ meaning spring.

aQuellé then introduced typically South African flavours in 1998 and we have seen our flavoured drinks range grow as it now offers 10 refreshing flavours. It’s no wonder then that aQuellé is loved by all South Africans today!

Our bottling plant

The aQuellé bottling plant, which has grown from a mere 360 square meters in 1998 to over 18 000 square meters to date, is tucked away in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal, where aQuellé’s exceptionally pure natural spring water flows under the earth’s surface. In 2016, aQuellé acquired a secondary plant in Franschhoek which supplies the Western Cape area, reducing aQuellé’s carbon footprint significantly. As with the main bottling plant, the Franschhoek natural spring water is of exceptional quality and taste.

In the bottling plant, the unique, customized bottles are blown in-line. The water is flavoured and carbonated, and then bottled in a completely sterile environment. The plant is equipped with the latest filling technology and state-of-the-art machinery and processes; all to make sure that when you enjoy your aQuellé you have a genuinely good experience.

After being labelled and shrink-wrapped, the product is palletized and ready for distribution to all aQuellé’s eager customers!

New aQuellé Factory
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The aQuellé product ranges are each uniquely packaged to fit your lifestyle!

The natural spring water packaging has a classy feel and a few functional benefits. It sports a flat base for better stability, a flip-top for the 750 ml bottle, which makes it easier to open and more hygienic, as well as a comfortable handle for the economic 5 L bottle.

The flavoured sparkling drinks range bottle has a distinctive shape with a trendy wave design and slim, easy-grip waist, which is perfect for the active consumer who is on the move.

Bringing joy to South Africa
for over 20 years

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