Virtual aQuellé Midmar Mile 2021

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The aQuellé team was active at the aQuellé Midmar Mile this weekend! While this year’s event was different to what everyone was looking forward to, the Elite race held on Sunday was thrilling and we congratulate the winners on their outstanding performances. The event organisers can also be commended for their commitment and effort.

The very first virtual Midmar Mile is also under way and is sure to create more memorable moments and joyful experiences that last a lifetime, just like the actual event does. We have offered aQuellé product to bigger groups swimming the virtual race.

aQuellé has enjoyed a partnership with the Midmar Mile for more than 12 years. We have a collection of joyful Midmar Moments that we have collected over the years and always enjoyed the delight of handing all the swimmers a bottle of ice-cold aQuellé and seeing the joy of celebrations with friends and family. See some of these moments here: aQuellé Midmar Mile Moments - YouTube

Midmar Mile 2021